Sunday, November 28, 2010

Receipant of The Helen and Tim Meier Mid Career Artists Acheivement Award

On Wednesday I was honored to host Helen and Tim Meier along with Michele Smith once again to my studio. This time they came to present me with an award that their foundation started several years ago. It is a  recognition award given to "mid career" artists who have been working for years and have maintained the pursuit of their aesthetic. I am ecstatic about this honor! I feel ten years younger! This is comparable to the booster shot we received as children. I don't know what it did but boy I sure felt it! And this award feels great. It's an affirmation of my dedication to going to the studio to discover the unknown all the while leaving visual markings of that path. I am both humbled and honored.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Week out of the Studio and What a week it was!

All last week I was out of the studio. I was in Millennium Park starting at 8AM dismantling the Chinese Sculpture exhibition that were in the Boeing Galleries both north and South. It wasn't difficult work but it was strenous, as we climbed the sculptures to rig them so that Donny from Chicago Crane could lift the sections of the sculptures off and place them in a secure place to await the shipping containers.
It's always fun working with Donny and Ted Garner. I always seem to learn a little something from each experience working with these guys.
The absolute highlight of the week, however was that Ted and I were recruited by the Nathan Manilow Sculpture Park to re-sling "Yes. For Lady Day" a sculpture by Mark diSuvero. This sculpture is in my opinion the single most improtant sculpture created in the later half of the 20th century. Working on this work is comparable to the Louvre asking a painter to "touch up" the Mona Lisa!! To say the least I was thrilled and honored to work on her. The dramatic wind storms of October coupled with the age of the wire rope were enough to abrade one the slings and comprimised the sculpture. Ted took measurements and had a new sling made and with the help of Chicago Crane we had "Yes, For Lady Day" swaying in the breese in short order.
Just a little note that it was Mark diSuvero who was responsible for me becoming a sculptor in the first place. More on that later!